One Fundamental fact for the Modern Populace under the Notion of an Interconnected Planet

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One Fundamental fact for the Modern Populace under the Notion of an Interconnected Planet

This article was originally published in Data Driven Investor

Globalism is an evolving nomenclature in our contemporary era, but not a new concept. In its “modern sense,” globalism is the by-product of the iron wall’s dissolution in the 1990s.

According to some scholars, globalism has a “memory erosion” effect on cultures. Globalism today has many meanings; this is beyond the simple expansion of human cognition across our little orb. The political globalists attempt to interconnect the modern planet and to highlight patterns that recon the universality of our lives. Since its birth after world war II and expansion after the…

A Misguided Conception Uttered by Social Command on Individual Behavior

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Human beings care what people think of them. Despite the common phrase we use that states, “I don’t care what other people think about me,” yet unconsciously, we still care about what other people think about us!

The primary question is not as to if we care but why we do!

The human being is a social creature even though we inherently possess our individuality. And to keep the latter two in a balance, we must, as individuals, climb the social ladder. …

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It is about the Removal of the United States Preamble. And not merely from the Whitehouse Website

The slogan, “We The People” is a powerful motto that exemplifies how the United States’ founding fathers envisioned their fellow citizens’ role in their social realm. It serves as the inaugural slogan of the prelude to the United States and the Indian constitution.

We the People have also been thought of by various other entities, including activity supported by the Center for Civic Education, the bill proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives, a tax-protest organization, Reform Movement of Belize, and an online petitioning mechanism sponsored by the U.S. federal government.

“We the People” also can be felt in the…

The Human Predisposition to self-inflict the Recurrent Communal Guiding principles thru the Notion of the Collective Conscience

Originally Published by Data Driven Investor

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History is the story of living people and their immediate environment. That is what every soul leaves behind once farewells our limited realm. That is what it implies in the literal sense and what should be!

Realistically, history should happen once in eternity, yet many have argued for the contrary. The same people fail to know that the human being is a creature of radicalism and selfishness even within their collective conscious sphere. As humans, we are bound by ordains that often overlook our individual identity for the sake of cooperative behaviors; we fall…

A focused look at the mounting Value of the Risk-Benefit Ratio

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Disclaimer: This article is written to serve as a source of perspective based on my view and the existing scientific evidence. On no account should it be used as medical advice. My advice is for everyone to consult their medical doctor to seek the unsurpassed personalized treatment option.

Statin is a simplified term used to describe a group of medications to lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels in the blood. In simple terms, LDL is an agent that carries cholesterol that plays a vital role in developing atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Statins, also called HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, are a widely…

Craving for individual Liberty comes in various forms but only in the context of the “Golden Rule.”

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Liberty is a beautiful word! It is a word used too often, for too long. But rarely do people clasp the true meaning of what it stands for or represents.

Despite their general controversial definitions, liberty and freedom have served a particular role in justifying political enthusiasts to find a topic about which to brag. One such issue to mention is the notion of police and prison abolishment.

Freedom and liberty depict the type of community that humanity will ultimately adopt to live benevolently, peacefully, and heartily. The perfect society has never previously existed. In liberated works, individuals treat each…

Dr. Adam Tabriz

“Peace of mind would come to all people through the universal respect for the basic human rights of everyone”

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