“The rise of fallacy is inevitable, as it will rescind given transparency; nonetheless, the sh..t hits the fan when encroaching with the connotation expands into a prevailing norm, be it…

But then again, Fact-Checking has its Inimitable Downfalls too!

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The power of information is vast and significant. Those who have access to the source of information about us also hold the key to our feebleness. Our data’s possessors can pry in our lives and habits so that what we do benefits their missions. But on the other end of the spectrum, others believe the power of information is only partial. The same people believe that we greatly benefit when we have the information, we use to share that information. We also help others to use the information to satisfy themselves. …

The Black Hat thinking Attitude is not working in Favor of Physicians, after All!

This article was originally published in Data Driven Investor

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In general, and by nature, physicians are Black Hat thinkers because they tend to stare at a decision’s potentially negative consequences before they embrace the opinion. Physicians are always cautious and defensive with every judgment they come up with, merely Trying to see why it might not work. They simply highlight the vulnerable points in a blueprint, providing the opportunity to eliminate them, alter them, or prepare contingency plans to react to them.

The physician black hat attitude only goes so far, as policies and bureaucracy ultimately prevail over physician decision-making…

“Mass media kowtows be it to the mainstream in their sociopolitical alley, Tyranny of the masses or the interest of a lone oppressor. That is exactly why they always exist…

“Hushed up in the mass, don’t grasp the tyranny of the masses.” Adam Tabriz, MD

The answer to Social Media Misconception rests within the Semantics

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Chronology of mass media is not a modern-day practice. The concept of taking the message across a group of people reaches back into the pre-industrial age as a public service. The mass media intends to serve all community members. In some countries, it is provided by the government to people living within its authority either through direct public-backed funding or by financing the provision of services. Therefore, mass media practice is traced back to when acts were performed in various ancient cultures, as first noted within the printed Chinese book, the “Diamond Sutra” in 868 AD. The book describes the…

The roadmap of Human-beings in estrangement of their Individual Values

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The values acquaint our beliefs, messages, and activities. They are indispensable- because they support us to prevail in life. Our values make the possibilities we seek to sustain.

Our values and beliefs thrive in our everyday judgments. Those decisions are always directed towards a particular culmination. The objective of principles is to ensure the well-being of individual lives.

In the process of pertaining values on decisions, we unfailingly commit to willful discretions of what is pertinent. Meanwhile, when values partook, they construct intimate relationships within a denomination.

Individual Values is the mother of all Morals but also the most Tampered of All

Individual values mirror how a person manifests self amid circumstances. It is a…

Adam Tabriz, MD

“Peace of mind would come to all people through the universal respect for the basic human rights of everyone”

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