Addiction is a Disease but Opioid Crisis is a Symptom

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Addiction is a Disease but Opioid Crisis is a Symptom

The Story about Opioid Crisis

The pain clinics are said to be one of the major players pushing illegally exported heavily to public houses. One solution the government can adopt is to implement quality training for physicians to teach them the standards and guidelines for dispensing opioids or prescribing them. But such pain clinics are not run by experts!

How can we bring an end to the Opioid Crisis?

If you investigate the cases of the opioid crisis, then you will find some or the other connection with an independent physician practice. The independent practices have been targeted and put under the radar by the DEA, FDA, and other regulatory agencies.

Let’s Focus on the Physicians for a Bit!

The profession of physicians needs to devote their whole life to become what their role in society demands. They are not going to act in the interest of any patient no matter what! But still. Some of them may adopt certain shortcuts in a bid to survive.

We should not Punish Indiscriminately

Population-based protocols may pave the way for the punishment of physicians and providers for violating standards and regulations. It is especially ineffective in the case of pain management and only leads to chaos. We cannot push for under prescribing of opioids which is just as bad as overprescribing. Also, the opioids available on the streets are in no way related to physicians.

The Opioid Crisis is not Going Away so Easily

Physicians will be a key player to collaborate through building alliances amongst each other and patients without compromising their independence.

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