The Target of Whistleblowing, and there’s no turning back!

Is your Medical Practice Protected?

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There are two ways to look at whistleblowers:

Whistleblowing: The Trend

It isn’t wrong to call whistleblowing a trend as more and more such camouflaged entities are infiltrating organizations to “right the wrongs” and “justify the unjust,” so to speak. There have been several dramatic and often amusing theatrical cases where governmental bodies have been exposed, thanks to these unknown & “masked” individuals. In most states and countries, whistleblowing is legally protected. It is intended to prevent fraud and improve compliance with the law to ensure the public’s safety.

Can Whistleblowing be Abused despite just intentions?

Retaliation against whistleblowers is not uncommon. It’s witnessed in all kinds of corporations and workplaces. Someone can abuse this power for self-gain. However, regardless of what the intentions are, no one wants to be the subject of whistleblowing. Once you’re under the radar, there’s no turning back. No one is immune to whistleblowing, and with the government backing their operations, there is a need to protect your back while you still have the chance!

Healthcare and Whistleblowing — A dangerous Blend

Whistleblowing is very popular in the healthcare arena, given the possibility of nasty frauds and corruption cases in this system. Healthcare is a very structured and complex system indeed. It requires all the stakeholders for the completion of teamwork. After all, it takes a village to take care of any disease. Moreover, the interaction between these stakeholders or village members is very defined and equally easy to cross.

Physicians are not immune to Whistleblowing!

Physicians, too, are not immune, incredibly independent physicians. Physicians have always been at the center of the liability risk. It is engraved in their job description! As mentioned above, anyone can be subjected to whistleblowing in any shape and form. Being a good doctor today is not enough!

If you think you are Safe from Whistleblowing, think again!

How to stay out of the radar?

So how to stay Protected?

● If you can’t beat them, join them! That’s the best way to keep your back safe.

Food for Thought

There is a need for a system that will help independent physicians be on top of the game and enable them to be who they want to be without jeopardizing their independent practice at an affordable cost. Independent physicians will need more and more support and empowerment to avoid whistleblowers in the coming years.

“Peace of mind would come to all people through the universal respect for the basic human rights of everyone”