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Justice for Margaret Craig: Mother and Daughter Charged with Murder

3 min readJun 9, 2023
Crime and Justice
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Details of the Crime and Investigation

In Maryland, a grandma’s murder has been connected to a mother and daughter’s suspicion. The accused are Candace Craig, aged 44, and Salia Hardy, aged 19. The Homicide Unit of Prince George’s County Police Department charged the two females for the murder of Margaret Craig, who was 71 years old. The murder happened on May 23, 2022, in the Craig family’s Landover house. An investigation is taking place to determine the motive behind the grandma’s murder.

In the ongoing investigation, Salia Hardy was charged with accessory after the fact, while Candace Craig faces charges of both first and second-degree murder. Presently, both women remain detained by authorities. The police presume that Candace Craig took her mother’s life on May 23 and that Salia Hardy made an effort to dispose of the remains. Nevertheless, the specifics regarding proof and motives have yet to be unveiled.

The community is in disbelief over the unexpected murder of Margaret Craig, leaving numerous puzzling questions unanswered. The police department works tirelessly to investigate the case and determine a possible motive. Sadly, Margaret’s tragic passing highlights the danger of domestic violence and the need for victims to seek assistance if they are experiencing abuse or violent behaviors in their household. The loss of Margaret deeply saddens the community and hopes the perpetrator will be held accountable in her memory.

Families and society are impacted by violence, and it is an issue that needs to be discussed. The detrimental effects of violence cannot be ignored, and we must address them. The impact of violence is much more far-reaching than we may initially think, and we must take notice. Violence can cause trauma, harm relationships, and create a cycle of violence for generations. We must work towards preventing violence and promoting healthy relationships to improve the well-being of families and society.

Discussion of the Issue of Violence and its Impact on Families and Society

As the recent tragedy in Maryland exemplifies, experiencing or witnessing violence can result in lifelong emotional scars in families and communities. Violence causes physical harm and contributes to the development of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The impact of violence can extend beyond individuals to disrupt communities, producing distrust, fear, and insecurity. Addressing the underlying causes of violence is essential in fostering a safer and more harmonious society.

To end violence, a complex strategy must be deployed that tackles various issues at the root of the problem. These factors include poverty, societal disparities, and insufficient access to healthcare and learning. What gives rise to violence is frequently a blend of societal, financial, and governmental factors. That is why it is indispensable to confront these fundamental causes to ensure that violence does not happen at all. Additionally, adopting nonviolent ideals and conflict settlement can assist in limiting violent occurrences.

To help victims and their families overcome the traumatic aftermath of violence, they must be provided with support and resources. This includes access to mental healthcare, counseling, and other helpful programs that can promote healing and rebuilding. Moreover, it is vital to provide resources that aid victims in obtaining legal assistance and advocacy so that they may seek justice and keep their perpetrators accountable. Above all, prioritizing the needs of those affected by violence should be a top concern to ensure they receive the necessary support to recover from the trauma.


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