The Floating House of Alameda

Sailing Dreams: The Eccentric Inventor and Her Bay Area Odyssey

2 min readApr 15, 2024

Evelyn Montgomery’s Unconventional Home on the San Francisco Bay

Photo by Hendrik Morkel on Unsplash

It was a tranquil corner of the San francisco bay on the coast of Redwood city not too long ago in April 2024 something extraordinary was about to happen.

On a sunny ordinary day, when people were joggling to make ends meet and catching up with daily chores, a two-story house was gliding across the San Francisco Bay on a barge.

The exquisite floating House was the masterpiece craft of Evelyn Montgomery an eccentric inventor trying to live in the sea. Her fascination with life in the quietude of open waters has been the driving force for moving away from the harsh reality of ashore.

House powered by solar panels, replenished by a rooftop vegetable garden and a telescope all adorned it’s glamor while floating on the calm waters of the bay.

It wasn’t long before locals, tourists, and social media were appealed to by the intrigues of the floating watermark.

Evelyn was heading for Marin Headlands where she would anchor before sunset. Where she had found freedom in a new home away from home while bolstering latitude and wonder on the water, embracing life’s tides.

As the floating house passed by captivating bystanders’ attention, it became a legend, cradling dreams under the stars. I asked myself what if it was me?!🌊🏠✨




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