The Corporate System Is Not Quite Rewarding to Most Physicians Today!

Why Not Then Take the Leading Role in Healthcare as Independent Physician?

4 min readAug 7, 2018
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Some may think that being a doctor has one set for life. They imagine that it naturally means that the energies are well-organized with high pay. But when you care to venture close to their life, you see something entirely different. The glam and high income often make no use in the day-to-day life of a doctor. The busy schedules are a reason why they are sometimes distant from the worldly pleasures of life.

Of course, we are not categorizing or generalizing every doctor in this article. Some doctors have enough time to spend with their families and indulge in their passions. There is inequality when it comes to workload because of the different streams in the medical profession.

In this article, we are going to discuss the doctors belonging to a specific stream. They are known as physicians. You may find yourself surprised to see that they constitute many doctors who are being exploited by corporates. This article also touches on how physicians are not seen as equals as the many other medical professions and why they should explore themselves as independent physicians.

Breaking the shackles held by the corporates will be your first step in tasting the success of something that you started yourself.

Physicians are Burdened even under Corporate Medical Practice

Administrative Burden

What happens if you spend all your youth studying and practicing how to treat patients and are then left with a mountain load of paperwork after joining a firm? That is the current scenario in corporate hospitals. According to the Practice Profitability Index, physicians’ paperwork grew nearly 20% from 2013 to 2014. In 2018, we saw physicians burdened with so much paperwork that they can’t even spend time with the patients.

Valuable talent is lost in front of computer screens instead of healing or comforting those in dire need. This is one of the reasons why most physicians would choose independent ventures over corporate firms.

Pressure in the form of Patient Satisfaction Scores

A patient satisfaction score is a system of grading that will determine just how much patients are satisfied with a doctor. Physicians are a group of doctors who see a lot of patients per day. Since they get through many patients every day, they want to keep their grades up. But this is a challenging task as some patients may expect the doctor to prescribe medicines that may be ideal for medical science.

This can cause a physician to make some unruly amendments for good ratings. This is totally against medical ethics. When the goal lies in aligning patient satisfaction with high-value care, it shows that something has been done that doesn’t fall into the category of new medical services.

The result is that the satisfied patients turn into unhealthy patients. This will lead to physicians not being able to do justice to their services. This is also the main reason why physicians at corporate hospitals tend to have low job satisfaction.


When you work day and night and are always available on call, you expect a certain level of compensation for your time and dedication. But when even that’s not given, it is natural that a person would feel tired or fed up with their work. Being on call 24/7 can take a toll even on physicians and residents, and when the financial compensation doesn’t match the tiresome work hours, there is bound to be some internal conflict in the minds of the physicians. When you decide to go with a private firm of your own, you will experience newfound freedom, making you much more satisfied with work.

Why should you go independent?

So, the question now arises that why should you, as a physician, go independent? Why not simply go on in the corporate world like you’ve been doing thus far? Let’s find out!

1. Be your own boss!

Going independent and starting your own firm ensures that you aren’t answerable to a single soul. You make the decisions, and you bear the brunt of them!

2. Find the much-needed satisfaction and gratification from your job!

Seeing a patient happy and healed is the enormous gratification that you can find from your job. Working independently means more time in your hands for better healthcare and personalized treatment for the patients. This, in turn, will mean more satisfaction from your work life.

3. Receive fair compensation for the work you put in!

No more unfair pay now! Starting your own thing empowers you to earn what you deserve.

4. Set your own work hours!

You can now choose to work according to your convenience and schedule. No more 24-hour shifts or emergency calls now! You are free to choose your own work hours.

5. Make a difference!

When you get all of the advantages mentioned above of going independent, it naturally follows that you can indeed make a difference in the patients’ lives. You can contribute to their well-being and make them fit and happy. You cannot put a price on that!

Food for thought!

Physicians are trained to act in an individual capacity, and we do not really need a massive team around us to treat patients.




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